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Bynke Maibøll on photoshoot
Bynke Maibøll on photoshoot
Bynke Maibøll on photoshoot


Bynke Maibøl has in the last 30 years been working with film and photography, both making own productions, short films, photography, exhibitions, installations and content for shows, concerts and theater. The tone of her work is often spleen, analogue, hypnotic and humorous. She loves tactility, black and white, nature related and dramatic settings.


Born (1969) and living on the Island Bornholm in the Baltic sea, in Denmark.

Master of Arts in Visual Culture and Media Science from University of Copenhagen.

Digital design Københavns erhvervs akademi.

Film/foto School Of Visual Arts New York City


Bynke-living - Blogging a bit



In Europe,  Bynke/Artemisia most often refers to the species Artemisia vulgaris, or common mugwort.
Artemisias are used medicinally, especially in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean traditional medicine. Some mugworts have also found a use in modern medicine for their anti-herpetic effect. They are also used as an herb to flavor food. In Korea, mugworts were also used for plain, non-medicinal consumption; in South Korea, mugworts, called ssuk, are still used as a staple ingredient in many dishes including rice cakes and soup.

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